Improving our Environment
Preserving our environment is incredibly important. This year, I've been working with our Parks Department to formulate a plan to improve the Arch Creek East Environmental Preserve.
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Preserving North Miami's History
Another priority I continue to pursue is saving North Miami's rich history. Our city turned 91 this year. Two decades ago, I was a founding member of the Greater North Miami Historical Society.
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Teaching Kids to Spot Fake News
Some of you might remember my missive from earlier this year when I opined that schools need to do more to focus on civics. I've been having conversations with the Miami Dade School Board about how that might happen. In the meantime, a recent Miami Herald/WLRN story caught my eye.
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The North Miami city council is on its annual summer recess. We will reconvene at our next meeting on Tuesday, August 22nd.

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